Utility & Engine Room

Stairs forward of the galley and saloon lead to the utility/laundry room. Two GE freezers and Miele combination washer and dryer are located there. The utility room leads to the engine room throught an insulated, watertight door. With almost 18m2 there is ample working space. Motive power for the ship comes from a 400 HP John Deere diesel engine turning a 106 centimeters propeller. Steering is handled by hydraulic steering system, while ABT digital stabilizers keep everything on an even keel. The 38 HP hydraulic bow and stern thrusters make maneuvering in tight quarters a snap. The engine room also houses a 140 HP John Deere diesel wing engine, with its own prop shaft, folding prop, fuel and cooling system, as well as the generators and an Village Marine Tec watermaker. Two 250-amp, 24-volt hydraulically driven alternators supply electricity for the ship’s various systems, and an additional 27 kW and 13,5 kW Onan generators supplie power for AC consumers such as the stove, refrigerator, freezers, air conditioning and the washer/ dryer. Shore power comes aboard via two 50-amp 240-volt receptacles. Battery power is supplied by twelve 225-amp Lifeline 8D AGM house batteries. Two 4 kW inverter/chargers handle battery charging. On top of this six powerful 318 watts solar panels are placed on hardtop to supplied house batteries when the sun is on the sky.